The Simplicity Chair
I believe in simplicity design. I learned Chemical Engineering before entering Industrial Design, and in Chemical Engineering, we believe that the entropy of the world is constantly increasing, and when it reaches an amount, here comes the end. A simple, ruled product, on the other hand, is to reduce the entropy of your life and your mind.
This chair is designed to be simple in form, simple in material, low in Embodied Energy, hence reach the final goal, beauty.
A lot people think beauty of a product is easy to achieve. But it's actually the hard thing. There might be hundreds of trials and tests, just to find the best ratio, or color. And it's important, coz it envisions you. And you will try every means to achieve that aesthetics, coz you know if you compromise, the execution will look shit. And it is because you try very hard to achieve your design, you create new method, and here lies the innovation.
The Final Chair
Sketches and Engineering
Scale Modeling
Final Rendering
Bending test with different processes
Work In Progress
Before Assembling
Before Final Polishing
The Final Chair
It's not a perfect chair because of time limitation of the course, and tool limitation at our workshop. Yet it's a fun learning process.